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Porn Star Tryouts
Today we had several aspiring pornstar dudes come into the studio for tryouts. We had three lovely ladies in the studio to help judge. They were judged and timed on how long it took to get hard and how long it took for them to ejaculate. There was some pressure put on by the audience, all in all it was alot of CFNM Show fun! Click here to join and see all our videos
The Stroker!
Hey guys, Pepper here, today I would like to introduce to you "The Stroker" (Male Masturbation Machine) We wanted to test this product first hand on camera for you guys to see, so we got a few volunteers to come out & be our subject : ) We only told them they would receive a free set for participating (which they didn't) Anyway come see how these guys liked it or not. You be the judge, see our CFNM Videos! Click here to join and see all our videos
I'm here with my friend Ramon on the streets of Miami Beach and today we went around looking for some women, to see if any of them were interested in his cock.. Oh did I mention he has a huge fucking cock??! This thing is a freaking anaconda and the girls we found were frightened of this thing! He pulled it out next to a few stores and they ran for the hills! lol, by the end of the day we rounded up a few girls, went into an alley and we all watched him Jerk off, it was quite a site to see! Watch CFNMShow Movies!! Click here to join and see all our videos
cfnmshow clothed females naked males
Bathing Suit Time!
So the girls were at the park up to no good when they came across some guys just itching to be made fun of. Well it didn't take log for them to come up with the idea of getting the guys to wear bathing suits and act like total CFNM fools! Click here to join and see all our videos
Sensual Yoga
The girls were out by the water practicing their yoga when they decided ti trow a little something intresting to the mix. They got their guy instructors to come by and see who was the most flexible. The girls really had a fun time with them and they guys did everything they were told just like the boys they are. Enjoy!! Click here to join and see all our videos
Penis Toys!
Hola peoples! I've got all these cock toys, and nobody to show them to! I'm hitting the streets to find some ladies that want to put them on our little boy toys today! We've got all kinds of cock rings, some ladies, some boys and we're gonna have a fun time today seeing what goes down! I even got fucked today! Clothed females naked males - whoo hoo!! Click here to join and see all our videos

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